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Trademark Plus Affiliate Partnerships: Optimizing Brand Control and Boosting Revenue

Trademark Plus empowers Acceleration Partners’ clients by allowing them to leverage a trademark bidding strategy. In turn, Trademark Plus lets clients alleviate two common affiliate marketing pain points. These challenges include competitors that bid on a client’s branded keywords and keyword hijacking.

With the help of Acceleration Partners’ Trademark Plus framework, clients can optimize brand control. Additionally, this solution leads to a better return on ad spend, facilitates free exposure through AP’s media subsidies, and increases total revenue.



year-over-year revenue increase




media subsidies generated free exposure




increase in return on ad spend




Through TM+, clients can execute a more effective trademark bidding strategy. With TM+, a brand’s name is used plus another keyword; clients can authorize high-value affiliate partners to launch a paid search campaign using their trademark and words such as “coupon” or “review.”

The end goal is to eliminate or significantly reduce the visibility of a client’s competitors by pricing them out of the paid search results section.

Acceleration Partners selected nine clients to test the TM+ program. AP’s in-house paid search expert worked with each client to help them develop a tailored strategy based on their unique challenges and budget, which included:

  • Careful and explicit selection of bidding keywords
  • Clear, customized trademark bidding campaign parameters


  • Conscientious selection of affiliate partners
  • Strategic partnership and placement agreements


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