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Affiliate Model Increases B2B Service Provider’s Lead Generation and Customer LTV

In addition to setting up an affiliate program from scratch for a B2B service provider, the Acceleration Partners team also came up with a more strategic and effective approach for their program that has enabled the client to realize a notable increase in the volume and quality of both leads and new business customers.

Learn how Acceleration Partners designed a pilot program for a B2B service provider that drove new customers who demonstrated strong lifetime value and exceeded goals.


As anticipated, in addition to generating high-quality leads for the client’s business, affiliates drove new customers who demonstrated strong lifetime value and exceeded goals.


3-month avg. monthly product purchase at sign-up rate (6.25% above goal)


3-month avg. active-seller rate (15% above goal)


The AP team focused on business owners signing up for one of the client’s free services, which included free hardware (that gave customers access to the free services), generated client revenue based on usage, and created cross-sell and up-sell opportunities.

They developed an attractive $20 to $40 cost-per-acquisition (CPA) commission structure that paid affiliates on specific outcomes including initial sign-up, additional hardware or software purchase at registration, and active-seller rate (use product after purchase). They also leveraged AP’s extensive CRM database to research top-tier B2B-focused affiliates who would be a good fit for the service provider’s brand.

These targeted affiliates received a newsletter campaign educating them on the client brand, products and services, and the value to the affiliates’ readers.

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