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How a Large Mattress Retailer Optimized Incrementality in their Affiliate Program

Learn how Acceleration Partners (AP) helped a leading mattress retailer define incrementality for their affiliate program and effectively measure affiliate partner performance against that definition. AP worked with their client to optimize partnerships with affiliates who were driving significant incremental value and renegotiate cost structures with partners who were driving less, making the client’s affiliate program more cost-effective and better aligned with their specific incremental KPIs.


Within three months, the AP team optimized affiliates driving incremental value and renegotiated cost structures with others, making the program more cost-effective and better aligned with incremental KPIs.


six-month ROAS increase




YoY revenue increase




of revenue goal achieved




Data-Driven Partnership Optimization

Our team’s priority was collaborating with the client to explicitly define incrementality that reflected the performance value they sought to realize in their affiliate program. The team also helped the mattress retailer determine key performance indicators (KPIs) against which to measure partners’ performance and evaluate incrementality.

Next, the team developed an incrementality data dashboard, purpose built to sync with the Insight reporting tool feature within Impact’s Partnership Cloud™ (affiliate technology platform on which the client’s program is hosted). This dashboard allowed the AP team to accurately measure affiliate partner performance and apply a client-defined weighted scoring system to all partners.

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